Orgasms as a barometer

p class=”MsoNormal”>Here’s what you’ll learn in this article: • All women, all orgasms • Orgasms as a barometer • Female juice and flow • Three gates and three waters • The vaginal starry night All women, all orgasms and orgasms as a barometer Let me begin by saying that every woman can have orgasms. There are several different kinds of orgasms and every woman can have every kind of orgasm. If you’ve ever heard that only some women can orgasm (or have certain kinds of orgasms) I guarantee this is entirely incorrect. Here’s the thing: Orgasms come in all shapes, sizes, flavors. The deeper, more life-changing orgasms demand more than just mechanical finger technique. They demand that a woman be able to surrender at the deepest possible level and then the entire world of orgasms opens up to her. Learn more at and

When your woman is connected to her natural voraciousness, when she feels safe enough to really let that out, she won’t have any need for vaginal lubricants. I see lubricants as the female equivalent to Viagra, they mask the true issues of why a woman isn’t getting wet enough. If she isn’t physically turned on, figure out what’s going to get her there. If it’s an emotional block that’s in the space, you know that the work needs to be done to clear that energy. Experiment, explore new territory and fill in the gaps where there might be some. The three gates and the three waters of female orgasm As I’ve said, the Taoists divide orgasms and their accompanying ejaculate into three different categories: the clitoral, the G-Spot, and the cervical. The idea is to build successively. You begin with the clitoris, then you go onto the G-Spot, and lastly you end up at the almighty cervical orgasm. Since each of these orgasms requires a deeper and deeper state of openness as you go deeper and deeper into the vagina and into surrender. This in itself is a good strategy that you begin on the outside, you go to the middle, and then you go deeper into the heart of the vagina and of the woman. However, it’s not necessary to always follow this order, especially if you’re at a constant simmer with your partner. Then you can mix and match and play around as much as you like. However, if you’re starting from more of a cold place, like in that analogy of the ice toward the boiling water, then the more that you follow this strategy, the better. Learn more at

You wouldn’t just jump into sex and expect your woman to have a cervical orgasm in a few minutes unless you’ve been simmering for quite a while. The clitoris is considered the appetizer, it gets the woman warmed up, as it’s located on the outside of the vagina, it is more of a physical experience, i.e.: the metaphor applies it’s a little more superficial and less emotional. If you’ve got the right touch, you’ll generally be able to get a woman to orgasm. With the clitoral orgasm, we have a thick, viscous ejaculate that’s produced, which then invites entry into the vagina. The G-Spot is located inside the vagina and so a greater level of openness and trust is necessary for it to unlock. Where the clitoris needs usually a more light touch, the G-Spot needs a lot. It’s rather like the emotional testing ground for the men, can you really bring it on? If you can, then the G-Spot will open to you. The woman needs to feel that if she falls, you will catch her. I’m going to say this over and over again, until it’s a subliminal message that will implant into your consciousness.

Vigrx Plus Dosage

Any dosage on Vigrx Plus or a range you recommend? I like about 500 milligrams to one gram daily. Now, you can try to start taking more, but eventually you’re going to have diarrhea. So if you start getting up to the 3, 4, 5 grams of vitamin C. Sometimes you can see things like buffered vitamin C, where it is mixed like this with the calcium, and magnesium ascorbate. Those are a lot more GI friendly. So you probably won’t get loose stools with those, and you can take 3, 4, 5 grams of that a day. Learn more at and’s going to be really helpful for taking the load off of the adrenal glands. Yeah. I can easily take three thousand a day. But it gets to be a lot of pills. For maintenance I just take like one thousand for a day. So before we close up, anything we missed that you want to cover? This was deep. I want to say this was really awesome. You did a great job making sure that we dug deep into this stuff because as we talked about it in the beginning, stress is everywhere. Wi-Fi is stress. It is just invisible. So we really have to zoom out, and realize, hey, life is not the way it was in the 1900s or the 1950s. In 2015, life is a lot different. And we need to have all systems a go, every green light on that we can. Each of these different little puzzle pieces helps you make or break healthy hormones, vitality, keeps you away from disease, things like that. So assuming that you can just do the nutrition, and get everything right, I wouldn’t have a business if paleo just eliminated everything. 95% of people that I work with are already doing a paleo diet, and they’re still not where they are. So if that was the magic cure, that would have been it and everybody close up shop. There’s no need for health conferences like this. But it’s not the only thing that matters. These other things that still are not in the mainstream male supplements. I keep my Wi-Fi router. I actually did a little tweak to it. Probably, but right now I’m using Wi-Fi? And the router is twenty feet away. And we’re on one percent output. And it’s perfectly smooth. Yeah, that’s very interesting. So you mentioned one supplement you like, the transdermal magnesium. Let’s talk about some more supplements you like. I know you love adaptogens. Maybe we could start with that. Is there any other hormone supplements that you specially like for women? I’d love to hear those, too. First thank you for being an avid Not Just Paleo podcast listener. They are helpful with hormones. I’m a big fan of using holy basil in the morning just because it gives a mild energy boost, and it helps to help the body adapt to stress. We could spend an hour talking about how, and why and the biochemical reactions. All you need to know is that it helps you adapt to stress. Learn more at

my own experience with tantric love

Once you acknowledge to yourself that this emotional noise is a problem, you have to decide to do something about it. This is a conscious choice, and it takes courage. Just as it’s easy to go into denial when painful emotions arise, it’s tempting to trivialize them as a freak occurrence that couldn’t possibly happen again. You need to be distressed enough by your suffering to want to change. It’s said that the truth will set you free. It’s true here, but first you must find the strength to say, “This is my authentic experience and I don’t want it to be a problem in the future.” And then there’s the change process itself. As I said, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy helped me immensely. Learn more at and

Conventional therapy was only part of my story, though. Hands-on healing made a huge difference. In fact, based on my own experience and the transformations I’ve witnessed over the course of decades with thousands of people, I’ve come to believe that hands-on work can accelerate the healing process and produce emotional releases that would take much longer to achieve, or not be achieved at all, with traditional therapy. Healing occurs when energy is released that’s gotten stuck and is getting in the way. This energy might be in the heart center—perhaps the person didn’t do some needed grieving. It might be in the throat center because the person didn’t scream when they were being violated or because they had to ‘swallow’ the fact that someone touched them inappropriately when they were a child. For now, though, let’s focus on trauma that’s lodged in the sex center, which is where it often manifests. And let’s assume, as well, that it will be a hands-on healing.* In both men and women, healing work focuses on the area known in Tantra as the sacred spot (also discussed in the chapter on Tantra). When it’s massaged, it can lead to profound emotional releases as well as amazing physical experiences such as whole-body orgasms or explosions of light and color. The sacred spot is accessed differently depending on the gender. In women it’s found in the vagina, in the general area of the g-spot. Because of its energy, its location shifts. You can identify it by the spongy tissue and the ridges that almost feel like corduroy. The sacred spot will swell from beneath the surface. Often, a pulse can be felt by sensitive, slow moving finger(s). In men, the sacred spot is in the anus. It’s not the prostate—prostate massages are great, but they’re not what I’m discussing here. The male sacred spot is much closer to the entry point than the prostate. Between the base of a man’s testicles and his anus there’s an area called the perineum. If you insert your finger in your anus and curl your finger down toward the perineum, you’ll find a spot that feels kind of like a woman’s yoni (Sanskrit for vagina). That’s the sacred spot. Your partner will be massaging this delicate tissue—or, more realistically, pressing their delicate finger into it. Learn more at