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But let’s go ahead and jump in here and start using Vigrx Plus supplements. I’d love to talk about the top seven healing plant-based foods. I know that we included a lot of these super foods in the book that you and I co-authored, The Go Naked Cookbook , as well as I know they’re in your great cookbook, The Hungry Hottie Cookbook , there, as well. So, let’s go through one of our top healing foods, or one of your top healing foods you have here on the list are chia seeds. And I remember the first time I was going through your cookbook, I saw this great drink recipe sort of this electrolyte, energy drink with chia and some fruit and some other things in there. But let’s talk about chia seeds. Why are chia seeds a healing food or one of your top seven healing foods? And then how do we use chia seeds? Because I know we’re going to talk about some things here. And it may be like, “Well, how am I going to make that taste good? Or how am I going to consume that?” But let’s talk about some chia seeds. Cynthia: Yeah, I love chia seeds. Learn more at
How much Vigrx should you take? If I could have babies with chia seeds, I would. Is that weird? Because it’s true. I love them. Let’s talk about them a little bit. First of all, they’re super high in fiber, right? Just two tablespoons of chia seeds has 9.6 grams of fiber, which is thirty-eight percent of your recommended daily value, which is awesome. So you’re talking about lowering things or getting rid of things like constipation, high cholesterol, heart disease, obesity, curbing the sugar cravings that we all tend to get right around three o’clock. Learn more at and
They tend to kick in in a big way. Really controlling your blood sugar levels for hours at a time. This is a big thing that people can use for weight loss. Really cool studies have been done around this. I’m a big studies person. I just love science so I love seeing these things backed up. But, for example, I think it was in April of 2010, the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study where participants who ate bread that contained chia seeds, their blood sugar levels afterward stayed stable. And their appetite was decreased for three times the amount of time as those who didn’t have it. So and the only difference there was the chia seeds so I think that’s a really cool thing. So if you’re looking for those types of benefits, for sure look into that. Also chia seeds contain niacin and thiamine, which is amazing. Those are the things, they’re B vitamins. And they’re really important, Josh, because they turn the food that you eat into energy. And they really help you to keep your brain and your nervous system functioning properly, which is obviously something that we all want. No one wants to be tired and exhausted and unable to think. So those are just a couple of the benefits. I could go on and on. But I know we have six more foods to cover. But those are a couple of reasons that I just really love them