Big Heart Baby


In late 2009, the founders of Big Heart Baby started to discuss plans of starting a children’s clothing company. As part of our research, we took a trip to South East Asia in order to find garment manufacturers and designers.

It was during this trip that we repeatedly came into contact with underprivileged children, many suffering from lack of proper nutrition and proper healthcare. It was a heart wrenching experience and we quickly decided that our business model had to include an aspect of giving back to the less fortunate in the U.S. and all over the world.

It suddenly made perfect sense. If we are going to sell children’s clothing, why not give a portion of our proceeds back to children?

It became our mission: with every sale we make, we’ll donate to a cause helping kids.

Initially, we are offering 5 one of a kind baby onesies, with 50% of profits from the sale of each color being donated to one of 5 major children’s charities –

  • Blue benefits the fight against Autism,
  • Pink benefits the fight against Children’s Cancer,
  • Orange benefits the fight against Child Hunger,
  • White benefits the fight against Juvenile Diabetes,
  • Red benefits the fight against Pediatric Aids.

With your support, we plan to expand to a full children’s clothing line, while adding more causes to our mission. There are plenty of companies selling similar products, but none have a heart as big as ours. So please make your baby a Big Heart Baby.

Five Awesome High Tech Baby Shower Gifts


Let’s face it, buying the perfect baby shower gift can be a real headache. You want to get the expectant mom something useful, but don’t want it to be just like all the other boring gifts. Don’t worry, Big Heart Baby has got you covered! After exhaustive research we’ve compiled a list of five high tech baby shower gifts that are sure to knock their socks off.  Here they are:

41UTViw+UdL._AA300_5. Itzbeen Baby Care Timer

As any sleep deprived parent can tell you, sometimes it is difficult to keep track of when baby last had a bottle or a diaper change.  With this pocket sized, easy to use gadget you will always know your baby’s exact schedule.  The Itzbeen Baby Care Timer is much easier to use than a written journal and makes it possible to know at a glance what your baby has been up to when you’ve had a sitter or other caregiver.  With only a few buttons and an easy to read screen, it doesn’t get any easier for new moms to keep up with the important details!


 4. The Why Cry Baby Crying Analyzer

Ever wished you could just know exactly what your baby is thinking when she starts to cry for no apparent reason?  Well now you can!  The Why Cry Baby Crying Analyzer is clinically certified and research tests have apparently shown that it has a 90% accuracy rate.  All you have to do is simply hold up the analyzer to your crying baby, and the icon lights up that shows what the baby is thinking (hungry, tired, bored, etc.)  Any new mom will love this gift!

41oWPheyPnL._SL500_AA300_3. Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Baby monitors have been around for decades, and have become a necessity in any home with a new bundle of joy.  Recently, advances in technology have enabled parents to take baby monitoring to another level.  With a wireless video baby monitor, parents can literally keep an eye on a sleeping baby anywhere within a 500 foot range!  Equipped with day/night cameras, new moms will feel secure knowing that they can see and hear their baby from any room in the house, 24 hours a day.

41XYgoOUc+L._SL500_AA300_2. Aquatopia Deluxe Safety Bath Thermometer Alarm

OK, it’s not exactly ‘high tech’, but this safety bath thermometer helps make bathtime safe.  Designed to look like a turtle, it may seem like any other floating bath toy, but it is actually an automatic thermometer to make sure baby doesn’t get too hot or too cold in the bath.  There are no buttons or controls.  Simply put it in the water and it turns on automatically.  It takes a temperature reading every 2 seconds and alerts you by sounding an alarm if the water is too hot or too cold.

31-DS3s9ygL._AA300_1. Flip UltraHD Video Camera

The Flip is a great gift for anyone, not just new parents, but it isespecially good for new parents.  Time flies during the first years of parenthood, and every parent wishes they had more of those classic moments captured on film.  The flip is compact, lightweight, and easy to use with just one free hand.  Every new mother will appreciate this gift!

November – National Diabetes Awareness Month 2010


November is National Diabetes Awareness Month.  It is a time for the public to learn more about the symptoms and devastating effects of this unpreventable disease, and more importantly a time to encourage everyone to support research leading to a cure for diabetes and its complications.  Big Heart Baby is proud to be working with The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) to raise awareness and funds towards finding a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes, also known as Juvenile Diabetes, is an autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system attacks and destroys the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas. Without insulin, an individual’s system is unable to efficiently process glucose, creating multiple health problems.

While its causes are not yet entirely understood, scientists believe that both genetic factors and environmental triggers are involved. Juvenile Diabetes usually strikes children, adolescents, and young adults. Each year, more than 15,000 children – 40 per day – are diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in the U.S. alone, and it is estimated that as many as three million Americans are affected.

JDRF is the worldwide leader in funding research to cure type 1 diabetes, and is also committed to developing new and better treatments that improve the lives of people with type 1 diabetes in the near term and keep them healthy while they advance toward a cure.

Together, we can make a great impact, and move closer to finding a cure!

Top 10 Interesting Baby Facts


Here are some fun facts you may not have known about Babies:

1.  All Babies are born with blue eyes. Although the color of a baby’s eyes comes from the pigment known as “melanin”, which depends on the genes that come from the parents, melanin often needs time after birth to fully deposit or darken from exposure to ultraviolet light.  Until this happens and the true eye color is revealed, most babies appear to have blue eyes.

2. Pound for pound, babies are stronger than an ox.  Your baby would be as strong as Superman, if it was the size of an adult.  For such tiny creatures, babies have especially powerful legs, so try to avoid getting caught by one of those kicks.

3. Babies teeth start growing 6 months before they are born. Few babies are born with teeth in place, but the fetus starts to form the teeth buds that will turn into baby teeth at around 9 – 12 weeks.

4. One in every 2,000 babies has a tooth when they are born. In some cases it is a regular baby tooth that is ahead of its colleagues, but in other cases it is a tooth “scout” – an extra little guy that checks out the terrain before falling out to let a whole set of new teeth to come in.

5. A fetus acquires fingerprints at the age of three months. At 6 – 13 weeks the fetus develops the pattern of what will be fingerprints.  As you probably already know, fingerprints will not change throughout the person’s life and will be one of the last things to disappear after death.

6. Every human spends about half an hour as a single cell.  Every baby is briefly a single celled organism after sperm and egg cells first combine. Soon afterward, the cells begin to rapidly divide, forming the components of an embryo.

7. Human eyes are always the same size from birth. When babies look up at you with those big beautiful eyes, they’re the same size that they’ll be for the rest of their lives.  (That nose and those ears will keep growing for as long as they live though).

8. A baby’s head is 1/4th of it’s total length.  Its OK if your baby has a giant head.  They all do.  Fortunately the head doesn’t change size as drastically as the rest of our body. As the legs and torso lengthen, the head doesn’t get much longer, and by age 25 the head makes up a more reasonable 1/8th of the body’s length.  (By the way, Big Heart Baby One-Pieces come with overlapping neck lines to accommodate those big heads, so we’ve got your covered)

9. At around 10 weeks after birth it is determined whether your baby is right or left handed.  Although you most likely will not notice a baby’s hand preference until much later, this trait is determined after only a couple of months.

10. Babies are born with 300 bones, but by the time they are adults, the number is reduced to 206.  Many of the bones of babies are composed of smaller components so that it is easier for the baby to pass through the birth canal. These bones harden and fuse as the baby grows.

    Tips For Maintaining Your Skin Healthy And Glowing

    Have you lost a lot of weight recently? Has your skin finally succumbed to the pull of gravity? Once the skin loses its resilience and elasticity, it turns saggy.

    Technology continues to improve and this product is a perfect example of that. While you will see some products that take hours to work, this one will work almost immediately. There are creams that work in a couple of different ways to effectively rid your skin of its wrinkles. First, it lifts and tones the skin to give a much younger appearance. Second, it uses microscopic 3D crystals that will reflect the light in such a manner that your wrinkles will not show as much in the light. Between the two methods, your wrinkles will become virtually invisible.

    Examine the ingredients. Each anti wrinkle face cream is made with different ingredients which will have different properties. Some of these ingredients will help to increase collagen, others will make the skin smoother, and a few will even make the skin a bit tighter. By knowing the ingredients and what they do, you can determine if an anti wrinkle cream is just an expensive moisturizer or if it’s the real deal.

    The best ones have an “instant” quality about them — yes, some wrinkle remover cream acts that quick. So look though the ingredients until you find what I consider to be the proven wrinkle substances.

    This is a manufacturer’s website with a ton of research info. It is the same company whose product I use, but I have no connection with them and I pay for mine.

    If you look to the big magazines for skin care info then you are getting a lot of biased suggestions. Numerous regions related to rejuvius and subject matter of interest to knowledgeable specialists are present around the web pages on this founded blog site. When you identified the data in this article linked to bellesse beneficial please visit our website for supplemental information. How do you think these magazines function? They attract readers with interesting articles and sell ad space to the highest bidder. You have the option of turning to an expert blogger for advice instead of some cheesy ad. For unbiased skin care reviews just search for a blogger who specializes in the health and beauty market. These websites are usually independently run and the reviews are honest and original. However, with anything else you need to check their background.

    It is a special form of a vitamin called CoenzymeQ10 found in our skin cells. The purpose of Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10 is to provide protection from harmful UV rays and supply the lost minerals and nutrient like anti oxidants to the skin. It is known to fight the harmful effect of free radicals and reduces wrinkles dramatically. In clinical trials it was found that Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10 starts working on wrinkles with in 5 hrs of application where as other conventional products took around 15 hrs to start their action.

    In a revolutionary anti aging health guide, Dr. Ronal Klatz, MD, DO with Dr Robert Goldman report that the sleep needs of humans remain constant throughout their lives. However, the kind of sleep people get can vary from person to person. Some people are able to function perfectly on 6-7 hours of sleep, while others need more than 8 hours of sleep a day. Sleep and Aging studies have shown that retired individuals spend less time in delta sleep and younger people spend a greater amount of time in deep sleep, but REM sleep is constant throughout life.

    Bottled water is frequently the same as tap water, as the businesses that package water in bottles only have to meet the safety and health standards you local city water authority meets. So look at buying a home water filter unit. You should be able to substitute some of the coffee you (probably) drink for clear, refreshing water. But whatever you do, keep your body hydrated by drinking water.

    The one benefit that is not as widely known is the ability to create a wrinkle resistant skin. In essence, it gives you much healthier skin and it is really just another way to allow you to fight back at the signs of aging.

    You also get a risk free trial period to ensure that it is delivering everything that it promises. In most cases, you will find companies that are willing to take that kind of a risk know they have a proven product.

    Ectomorph Workout Guide For Big Muscles

    And this myth has caused a lot of headaches and misconceptions about how to shape and tone bodies. so we’ll just roll up our sleeves and dig into this article right from the git-go…

    If so, listen up. If you start utilizing these principles, you will see your body change in only a few short weeks and finally, it’ll be like the light went on after so many years of never seeing results from your muscle building routine.

    Especially avoid any exercise that gives you pain or discomfort in the elbow region. There are several triceps movements which can contribute to tendinitis (inflammation of the tendon) in the elbow. You must immediately stop using such an exercise or else cut down drastically on the weight you were using. Let’s assume you have worked up to using 6 reps with 120 pounds in the lat-machine pressdowns exercise, but the pain is unbearable. Just in case you situated the recommendations existing in this article on Ultimate Muscle Black Edition beneficial you are able to visit our internet site to learn more. Either stop the exercise entirely or push it to the of your arm routine and merely perform a few pumping sets of 20 reps with a far lighter weight!

    You don’t have to count seconds on your reps (it is boring!). Lift with good form and extend your sets. In the event you like heavy 6 rep sets, wonderful!

    If you have decided to work on building up muscle mass, first talk to your doctor. While working out can improve almost any body type, there are a few conditions that require you to avoid certain types of exercise. Most of them are related to heart conditions and heavy lifting.

    The thing is, if you lifted on Tuesday and you are still sore by your next scheduled day, say Thursday you are not doing your body any favours by lifting again when your muscles are still tender.

    Yes you can build pure muscle when you stick to a weight lifting program. But a lot of the programs that are designed to build you up also may ask you to eat more than you normally would, almost ensuring you will gain a few pounds of unwanted fat along with those new bulging muscles. On the other hand fat burning and weight loss programs will take inches off of your belly but you usually lose precious muscle along with it.

    Make sure that you select the best weight for yourself when doing lifting exercises. Research has proven that doing six to twelve reps at around seventy to eighty percent of your maximum for one rep, will give you the best combination of both volume and load. This can stimulate additional muscle growth.

    Nothing I’ve run across today is a big secret. It’s not like nobody is telling anybody about this. What the problem seems to be is that beginners don’t know where to start and they don’t think they need any help. So at some point they get very frustrated and end up quitting or losing sight. Not to mention the sheer wealth of information on the Internet in an unstructured manner is mind boggling. So what if all this information is on a bodybuilding forum. In 34,567 posts, with 9,567 members. If you take the time to study all the resources at our corporate website, you will find more expert and information views on Ultimate Muscle Black Edition. Let me take the hex number and make it readable to the human eye.

    What they don’t know is that super setting is the ultimate way to work your muscle to a state of exhausting (increasing the intensity) and yet get that massive pump you’ve been looking to get.

    Exercise Two – You can do the same for the “Swiss ball crunch”, but in a nutshell, you position the small of your back, above your butt on the exercise ball, feet firmly on the ground in front of you, with knees at a comfortable 90 degree angle to them. Balancing on the ball, overextend backwards, then come up into a crunch position and repeat this until you can’t do it anymore, or you hit a predetermined number that will push you. Beginners can do 2 or 3 sets of 10 to 15 reps and grow from there. 30 to 60 second rests in between sets will be plenty.

    Further Analysis Of Effortless Systems In Hair Loss Guinea Pig

    When you compare hair loss products, remember to check their purpose first; it will guide you in knowing which item to apply and use. Now your blood levels of glucose rise quite abruptly because glucose directly enters the bloodstream after it’s absorbed. If you are looking for a hair transplant clinic, there are several criteria you should evaluate. Your healthy diet helps you to have thick, long and lustrous vibrant hair. Either it is hair transplantation or natural cures for hair loss, you can get started easily to prevent hair thinning, and take meaningful steps to regrow your hair. Now, are there any new things on the horizon for you guys as a company? If you’re new to my channel, please first watch my videos… …if you like it, first like, then please don’t forget to subscribe. Throughout this video, I’ll also be using the Dove Style+Care Extra Hold Hairspray.

    Heat tools like flat irons, blow dryers, and hot combs rob your hair of moisture, especially when they’re used on a regular basis. So I am in a unique position because I am certified hair loss extensions in facial cosmetic surgery so I do perform forehead lifts, face lifts and etc. The effectiveness of these combination products depend on usage and the persons specific hair. And this has always struck me as very, very interesting. Furthermore various kinds of hair can respond differently to hair loss extensions the hair laser removal. This will ensure the proper after-care protocol is being followed. That’s really fantastic.

    The second factor could be stress. If you feel that you struggle to get the recommended hair loss extensions dosages then the solution would be to opt for vitamin supplements. Because it was made with kombu, but if you just read kombu on a label, would you think anything of it?

    Make sure you don’t fall victim to such terrible symptoms. In addition, there are underlying medical conditions which can also be the cause of hair loss even hair loss extensions when true androgenic alopecia is the diagnosis. Someone will conduct research and maybe something will be found.- No, the fact that I appeared as a complete moron is another story.

    For hair loss extensions each tournament, he has indicated the city, the date of the final, the winner, the runner-up, and the score of the final. And also when you’re on set you want to talk to your stylist about what hair loss extensions you’re welling to do and what you’re not welling to do with your hair. The amino acids and vitamins provided by emu oil shampoo will help to restore dry damaged hair. Always ask your stylist questions on the products they are using to smooth. There are several treatments for regrowing a hairline or to be more hair loss extensions specific for regrowing hair that is thinning or balding. When people ask what causes Alopecia, they have to keep in mind what Alopecia really is.

    If you want to grow it really long, you do lengthening, strengthening, root work. That’s interesting, as a urologist I use a lot of proscar because what it does is it prevents that enzyme, so it prevents the testosterone to active testosterone. Well, at 21, hair loss extensions the level of your hair loss can be classified as a more aggressive type of hair loss. These vitamins are very good for the hairs. The answer to this commonly asked question lies in the fact that how much you are losing. So I almost never really recommend that unless someone has a lot of redundant skin on their forehead and usually that’s in women who are much older and part brow lifting procedure.

    How to Cut Your Man’s Hair. Aside from just considering the potential impact for products that may contain pyridoxamine, this particular precedent indicates that FDA will focus on the active moiety of substances when making regulatory decisions. Vital factors for hairregrowthcorner considered. To have your tresses styled by Ken himself or hair loss extensions someone trained by his master hand, the Ken Paves Beverly Hills salon is located at: 409 North Robertson Boulevard. Rogaine is very simple to use. On average our hair grows about a half an inch a month.

    I was told I am not candidate for hair transplant. Well we’ve got a nice layout here, this looks like a cooking show. And when you don’t have density, it looks like you had a transplant. In this case it’s Food Therapy 2, or an extension of the food therapy program that we did in a previous term. Fortunately, there are ways to stop stress in your life so you could grow hair faster naturally. Too sticky, your hair spray you should be able to actually brush your hair and your hair spray should be gone.

    If you’ve ever wanted to live like the stars, with your very own skin care specialist then the Derma Wand is right for you. Oh, that is really gonna look natural. And a hair loss extensions 100ml size is perfect if you’re traveling because you can actually take this in your hand luggage whistle flying. The vast majority of these treatments for receding hairlines don’t stop thinning hair. An ingredient in that that’s doing that is the peppermint oil. If you see someone with oily hair don’t assume they just don’t care about their appearance. Thinning hair can affect your appearance and that can affect your business relationships as well as romantic ones.