Big Heart Baby


In late 2009, the founders of Big Heart Baby started to discuss plans of starting a children’s clothing company. As part of our research, we took a trip to South East Asia in order to find garment manufacturers and designers.

It was during this trip that we repeatedly came into contact with underprivileged children, many suffering from lack of proper nutrition and proper healthcare. It was a heart wrenching experience and we quickly decided that our business model had to include an aspect of giving back to the less fortunate in the U.S. and all over the world.

It suddenly made perfect sense. If we are going to sell children’s clothing, why not give a portion of our proceeds back to children?

It became our mission: with every sale we make, we’ll donate to a cause helping kids.

Initially, we are offering 5 one of a kind baby onesies, with 50% of profits from the sale of each color being donated to one of 5 major children’s charities –

  • Blue benefits the fight against Autism,
  • Pink benefits the fight against Children’s Cancer,
  • Orange benefits the fight against Child Hunger,
  • White benefits the fight against Juvenile Diabetes,
  • Red benefits the fight against Pediatric Aids.

With your support, we plan to expand to a full children’s clothing line, while adding more causes to our mission. There are plenty of companies selling similar products, but none have a heart as big as ours. So please make your baby a Big Heart Baby.

Five Awesome High Tech Baby Shower Gifts


Let’s face it, buying the perfect baby shower gift can be a real headache. You want to get the expectant mom something useful, but don’t want it to be just like all the other boring gifts. Don’t worry, Big Heart Baby has got you covered! After exhaustive research we’ve compiled a list of five high tech baby shower gifts that are sure to knock their socks off.  Here they are:

41UTViw+UdL._AA300_5. Itzbeen Baby Care Timer

As any sleep deprived parent can tell you, sometimes it is difficult to keep track of when baby last had a bottle or a diaper change.  With this pocket sized, easy to use gadget you will always know your baby’s exact schedule.  The Itzbeen Baby Care Timer is much easier to use than a written journal and makes it possible to know at a glance what your baby has been up to when you’ve had a sitter or other caregiver.  With only a few buttons and an easy to read screen, it doesn’t get any easier for new moms to keep up with the important details!


 4. The Why Cry Baby Crying Analyzer

Ever wished you could just know exactly what your baby is thinking when she starts to cry for no apparent reason?  Well now you can!  The Why Cry Baby Crying Analyzer is clinically certified and research tests have apparently shown that it has a 90% accuracy rate.  All you have to do is simply hold up the analyzer to your crying baby, and the icon lights up that shows what the baby is thinking (hungry, tired, bored, etc.)  Any new mom will love this gift!

41oWPheyPnL._SL500_AA300_3. Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Baby monitors have been around for decades, and have become a necessity in any home with a new bundle of joy.  Recently, advances in technology have enabled parents to take baby monitoring to another level.  With a wireless video baby monitor, parents can literally keep an eye on a sleeping baby anywhere within a 500 foot range!  Equipped with day/night cameras, new moms will feel secure knowing that they can see and hear their baby from any room in the house, 24 hours a day.

41XYgoOUc+L._SL500_AA300_2. Aquatopia Deluxe Safety Bath Thermometer Alarm

OK, it’s not exactly ‘high tech’, but this safety bath thermometer helps make bathtime safe.  Designed to look like a turtle, it may seem like any other floating bath toy, but it is actually an automatic thermometer to make sure baby doesn’t get too hot or too cold in the bath.  There are no buttons or controls.  Simply put it in the water and it turns on automatically.  It takes a temperature reading every 2 seconds and alerts you by sounding an alarm if the water is too hot or too cold.

31-DS3s9ygL._AA300_1. Flip UltraHD Video Camera

The Flip is a great gift for anyone, not just new parents, but it isespecially good for new parents.  Time flies during the first years of parenthood, and every parent wishes they had more of those classic moments captured on film.  The flip is compact, lightweight, and easy to use with just one free hand.  Every new mother will appreciate this gift!

November – National Diabetes Awareness Month 2010


November is National Diabetes Awareness Month.  It is a time for the public to learn more about the symptoms and devastating effects of this unpreventable disease, and more importantly a time to encourage everyone to support research leading to a cure for diabetes and its complications.  Big Heart Baby is proud to be working with The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) to raise awareness and funds towards finding a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes, also known as Juvenile Diabetes, is an autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system attacks and destroys the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas. Without insulin, an individual’s system is unable to efficiently process glucose, creating multiple health problems.

While its causes are not yet entirely understood, scientists believe that both genetic factors and environmental triggers are involved. Juvenile Diabetes usually strikes children, adolescents, and young adults. Each year, more than 15,000 children – 40 per day – are diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in the U.S. alone, and it is estimated that as many as three million Americans are affected.

JDRF is the worldwide leader in funding research to cure type 1 diabetes, and is also committed to developing new and better treatments that improve the lives of people with type 1 diabetes in the near term and keep them healthy while they advance toward a cure.

Together, we can make a great impact, and move closer to finding a cure!

Top 10 Interesting Baby Facts


Here are some fun facts you may not have known about Babies:

1.  All Babies are born with blue eyes. Although the color of a baby’s eyes comes from the pigment known as “melanin”, which depends on the genes that come from the parents, melanin often needs time after birth to fully deposit or darken from exposure to ultraviolet light.  Until this happens and the true eye color is revealed, most babies appear to have blue eyes.

2. Pound for pound, babies are stronger than an ox.  Your baby would be as strong as Superman, if it was the size of an adult.  For such tiny creatures, babies have especially powerful legs, so try to avoid getting caught by one of those kicks.

3. Babies teeth start growing 6 months before they are born. Few babies are born with teeth in place, but the fetus starts to form the teeth buds that will turn into baby teeth at around 9 – 12 weeks.

4. One in every 2,000 babies has a tooth when they are born. In some cases it is a regular baby tooth that is ahead of its colleagues, but in other cases it is a tooth “scout” – an extra little guy that checks out the terrain before falling out to let a whole set of new teeth to come in.

5. A fetus acquires fingerprints at the age of three months. At 6 – 13 weeks the fetus develops the pattern of what will be fingerprints.  As you probably already know, fingerprints will not change throughout the person’s life and will be one of the last things to disappear after death.

6. Every human spends about half an hour as a single cell.  Every baby is briefly a single celled organism after sperm and egg cells first combine. Soon afterward, the cells begin to rapidly divide, forming the components of an embryo.

7. Human eyes are always the same size from birth. When babies look up at you with those big beautiful eyes, they’re the same size that they’ll be for the rest of their lives.  (That nose and those ears will keep growing for as long as they live though).

8. A baby’s head is 1/4th of it’s total length.  Its OK if your baby has a giant head.  They all do.  Fortunately the head doesn’t change size as drastically as the rest of our body. As the legs and torso lengthen, the head doesn’t get much longer, and by age 25 the head makes up a more reasonable 1/8th of the body’s length.  (By the way, Big Heart Baby One-Pieces come with overlapping neck lines to accommodate those big heads, so we’ve got your covered)

9. At around 10 weeks after birth it is determined whether your baby is right or left handed.  Although you most likely will not notice a baby’s hand preference until much later, this trait is determined after only a couple of months.

10. Babies are born with 300 bones, but by the time they are adults, the number is reduced to 206.  Many of the bones of babies are composed of smaller components so that it is easier for the baby to pass through the birth canal. These bones harden and fuse as the baby grows.

    Acne Program – Step 10: Vitamins You Should Be Taking

    If you prefer a content and balanced dog, great nutrition, and normal grooming is the best approach. Consistent bathing of your pet could keep ticks away also. You will find natural flea shampoos with some of the components mentioned above at natural food retailers. There is actually after the tub a fruit wash a beneficial measure, making an acid smell which ticks hate. To produce a rinse: Cut up a few lemons, protect them and let the combination steep. After removing the pulp, the lemon water can be covered into your furry friendis cover and allowed to airdry. Between baths, consistent utilization of a flea comb could be very beneficial.

    Focus on Diet – less cure being an assistance. This is false, although many individuals claim that diet has nothing to do with acne. Look for out what it delivers excessively and what your system lacks. What’re the vitamins it needs? What type of ingredients favors acne progress? Create a nutritious diet for you personally along with your body, one that will help you in your fight against this situation that is uncomfortable. The guidance will be the many soft acne treatment you can follow.

    Currently, that’s not to imply that you will not view results in any respect. It’s fairly easy for you yourself to notice outcomes after just a couple times of creating modifications to your lifestyle within yourself. The term pure green coffee refers to coffee that has not yet been roasted. It’s generally an of months typically that you just spot the best outcomes. Thus, don’t anticipate noticeable effects overnight nevertheless you can expect to determine effects following a couple of weeks.

    Aromatherapy Repellent put 600 ml of water inside and Have A bottle. Today, put natural cedar wood acrylic within the bottle and 2 drops every one of pure lavender oil. Move it well before treating it over your pet’s body. However, remember, the spray’s effectiveness doesn’t last significantly long, hence, it requires to become re-applied and while the oil disappears quickly. You can even employ genuine almond carrier fat as a substitute.

    The ultra violet rays are incredibly risky to your skin. It might bring about wrinkles’ rapid configuration also it can cause too much oxidation, leading to skin cell damage.

    There are many herbal treatments which will help one to reduce unusual periods and relevant issues. For example, chasteberry, evening primrose and black cohosh are Oriental herbal treatments for period symptoms and all established Local American. Thus is white willow bark. Each ingredient helps in an unique technique and together they are able to help to manage bleeding, bloating, mood swings and much more. So, the concept that is most effective will be to take a supplement like Interval Vitamin, which contains them all inside the proper volumes.

    Today you’ve switched a fat and glucose icecream binge into a healthy fast-food alternative: a protein product! Furthermore, it is more filling and satisfying. You may not be persuaded to consume something as quickly while you might should you enjoyed and had succumbed icecream.

    Should you need to lower your cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, or minimize your risk of cancer, then there is a healthful weight loss you will need. A healthy nutrition policy for permanent weight reduction will uses natural remedies to detox your body. You’ll need a healthful recipe book with healthful eating tips to shed weight.

    The Atkins diet’s heart is protein. That makes others go about sticking with this strategy wary. While they could possibly get out of their supper, nevertheless, this one capitalizes on its relevance additional diets attempt to eliminate as much protein. Well, that’s what makes Atkins diet not the same as the others. Carbohydrates and protein works do not. In fact, others have attempted consuming minimum portions of vegetables and fruit but their weight reduction attempts were all-in vain.

    Above can help you do just that if you like to obtain bigger then following recommendations such as the types. Remember that these are just a number of examples of the items you can certainly do to grow older now.

    Vitamins And Your Healthiness

    It would appear that everybody is seeking to lose weight nowadays once we consistently look for the top weight loss products check the calories counter and we look for simple ways to shed weight. However it doesn’t matter what we seem to attempt, we generally realize that we have problem losing weight to us basically giving up, and that can lead. So how precisely could we keep ourselves is there some thing that can help with weight loss and inspired?

    Applying dishes that are smaller and bowls may also aid. So you cannot load it-up with food as much as with bigger versions it generates it. It’ll appear to be there is not less in the bowl, when really there is less. If you have young kids organize the meals on their meal to check just like a silly experience. The kids become less unlikely to eat those greens, and can have fun with-it. Which all of US know can help with obesity in children.

    Breakfast, Meal and Dinner at proper occasions. Don’t miss any of this food. Again skipping meals is under no circumstances likely to allow you to. With calories you’ll end-up dropping crucial vitamins and proteins also. You’ll start feeling dizzy along with your attention electricity will reduce substantially. You might wind up depressed losing interest in happenings and the environmental surroundings. Remember you’re not planning to not be thick or zero measured vitamins but to steer a healthier lifestyle.

    By getting exercise, another simple way you can start growing higher fast is. Exercising is vital too. What you will want to do is select even playing sports, runs and guides. All of these are fantastic because they assist work muscle tissue in an approach that is straight. Which is anything you’re going to desire should you desire to develop taller. All you have to todo is work-out at the least three times weekly. This way the body will stay healthy and robust.

    He created Combat the fat-based on everything he was taught by the U.S. Military from their multi- his expertise and billion-dollar research assessment various things together with the troops he trained. Their methods are tested along with the army trusted him with finding their soldiers in form no matter what era, sex, physique, genetics, expertise, or other things that you’ll be able to consider that means it is easier for a few people to get & remain in good shape – thus their lives depended on him succeeding. I actually donot feel you can get proof that is greater that the stuff he teaches works, plus it works for anyone.

    I’d say depression is one. Most people may diet sporadically and try to deny themselves because they possess a fat loss difficulty, the chance is that those who do this will relish the so-called ‘naughty’ ingredients e.g. Pizza, ice cream, candy etc. Thus from heading from that to nothing can stimulate extremely bad feelings and emotions.

    The very first thing that you should be careful about is providing your puppy an excellent puppy food. Since the quality ingredients are more expensive compared to people with nutrition that is less this could seem contradictory. The nutrition food that is higher may prevent many different potential problems on your dog. This can assist saving you money on medical bills later. Additionally, your puppy is likely to be.

    What is not less, the vitamin C within lemon could improve the health for the human anatomy. While people slim down, they always worry about the protection that is decreasing. It’s proven to that people who lose different illnesses easily attack weight. Resveratrol made from grapes are more expensive than products made from Japanese knotweed. However, orange can not simply reduce the fat of the human body, but additionally take away contaminants and the wastes in the body to avoid numerous ailments. Consequently, it is not dangerous for individuals to lose weight by the fruit diet.

    Drink water: if they consumed nothing but water, a lot of folks may drop so much fat. If sodas and high calorie, sugary products are removed from someoneis diet and changed with water, people could be surprised in the quantity of fat they may shed. A lot of people don’t get calories their drinks have.

    You can make it just a little easier yourself by relying heavily on vegetables and fruits though weight reduction can be quite a complicated and engaged procedure. When you do that and maintain a workout software, you will probably begin shedding weight.

    Powdered Vitamins Safe From Toxic Additive Found In Some Liquid Vitamins

    Fast food, sign up for, and generally do not contain the nutrients essential to aid weight reduction and sometimes even simply health and processed food are saturated in fat. The word “you are that which you consume” concerns mind when I notice obese individuals consuming unhealthy food.

    No, I really don’t believe so. There are 330 people, with the older men as well as Kevin there, but I actually don’t know what Rondo is currently doing, and whatever he’s doing seems to be working [ laughs ] . Possibly some folks have family in various spots plus they do not want to invest it in Nevada, plus some people want to train by themselves. I’d like to have him, he’s an excellent player, and Iam sure heis performing his work.

    The economy is striving, several properties cannot afford for starters parent to be working. Kids usually are home on their own for a few hours when they are done with school. The most common treats they choose to consume, while property alone, are hardly healthy. They have a tendency to consume too much since their parents aren’t monitoring the things they are currently eating.

    Basically clay is just an edible clay. This has been employed for decades for the health advantages. You’ll find clay at online in various sorts or your health food store – powder, liquid and capsules. Essentially, it’s chosen to work with in its type for your homemade clean. The liquid form is just the powder in a liquid suspension. Initially, take-1 tbsp of the clay daily inside your liquid.

    There are many herbal solutions which will help relevant issues and irregular intervals to relieve. For instance, chasteberry, evening primrose and black cohosh are established Native American and Oriental herbal solutions for time signs. Consequently is willow bark. Each compound assists in its way and they are able to help determine mood swings, bloating, bleeding and more. Thus, the strategy that is best is always to have a supplement like Interval Supplement, which includes these in the correct portions.

    Sweeteners are among inside the number. In baking bread, liquid sweeteners are generally used. A good example of which are darling malt malt syrups. Other designs such as malt powder also. Moisture is given by these sweeteners for the bread-making it appear more appealing. Additionally it provides in surface and nutrition in addition to making its appearance more attractive. Sweets also feed on yeast that’s why an extended shelf life will be given by getting them for your mixturefor your bread. Testing the proper amount you nutrition employ is very important.In case you devote an excessive amount of these sweeteners, your bread would obviously wind up becoming desperate and really sweet or sour, dense.

    APPLES: a fantastic supply of power, these orange torpedoes could fix your endurance vitamins through the round. They’re packed withother vitamins as well as potassium to keep you planning. This is exactly why you usually observe players like Lion and Sergio Garcia each time they could chowing down them.

    Next step: Purchase a great chocolate flavored whey protein mix from your own regional health food supplier (or perhaps the flavor of the choice) and use it rather than the Ovaltine. Like they was once these protein supplements-are not anything. With out a blender, they’d NOT combine in the past, plus they felt not quite good. Not too anymore. They mix easily simply by mixing or shaking, and also the styles are not quite bad. Trust me.

    Aromatherapy Repellent placed 600 ml of water in-it and Have A container. Today, add 2 drops each of genuine rose oil and real cedar wood gas within the package. Before spraying it over your furry friend’s body shake it well. Emodin in cheap resveratrol products cause stomach upset. However, recall, the spray’s effectiveness does not last considerably long, since the oil disappears quickly and hence, it requires to become reapplied. You can also use genuine almond carrier gas as an alternative.

    The reputation of our wellness split or can make us. Your health isn’t a field for learning from mistakes. Individuals have unique types that require particular and individualized advice. You have to consult wellness coach, with a physician or possibly a physician before you start taking a couple of kelp. Aside from diet, your wellness should also be used into consideration.